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doctor and barricaded himself in a room. when it was oliver, two people were dead. -- when it was all over, two people were dead. >> at this hour, we're learning a bit more about the gun man. it appears he was contracted to be a driver for metro access are rounded d.c. region. it did not take long for the swat team to surround this massive hospital campus. at about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, the tactical team made their way into the room where he had barricaded himself, but they found him and his sick mother dead, both shot in the head. >> it appeared he was not willing to negotiate and did not wait for swat teams to move in. police say he killed his ill mother and then himself.
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>> we understand that pardus was being briefed by his mother's doctor about her condition. >> he became emotionally distraught. >> that is when authorities say he responded by pulling out a semi-automatic handgun and shot the physician in the lower chest. he then lock themselves in the room where his mother was confined to a bed. >> it did not make sense. >> the entire eighth floor of the nelson building was evacuated and portions of the massive hospital were put on lockdown. >> it was a very horrible experience because i did not know if he was going to take a child or anything. >> based on initial assessment, the wounds do appear to be survivable wounds. >> a tactical situation has
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turned into a murder-suicides. investigators at the hospital, everything has reopened. but like most hospitals in the country, there are no metal detectors. officials say they will look into that, but when you have 80,000 visitors a week and 80 different entrances, they say it is "very unrealistic." >> a construction worker was shocked and burned after a bucket hit a hairline -- a power line. the victim went to a -- an area hospital in critical condition. and for the first time, we are hearing the complete story of two people taken hostage at the discovery location at the silver spring headquarters.
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>> maureen, they have prayed and search for a way out and in the end, they escaped with an amazing story of survival. boys with little emotion, chris wood and jim mcnulty described being held hostage. they were held four hours by a gunman james j. lee, an outspoken critic of the network. thinking, i'm a hostage. what do i need to do? >> the two men and a security guard were held against their will in the building's lobby. outside at this hot dog stand, this man that's up demand -- saw the man storm into the facility. today, he told oprah how he had the composure to emu his boss.
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>> -- the composure to e-mail his boss. >> i saw an e-mail from my boss and i had the presence of mind to be my boss and tell them we were being held hostage. >> while they were being held, lee ranted about religion and overpopulation. all the while, the pair were trying to figure out how to make it out alive. >> i mouthed to the guard and i said, "run." and he shook his head yes. attentiongot jim's and i said, "run." and he took off. you hate that it is something like this that make sure appreciate what you have. i have not wasted a moment cents. -- since. >> the third hostage, the
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security guard, opted not to be a part of the oprah show. as for woods and mcnulty, they have not returned to their jobs here. >> new research shows more americans are living in poverty than ever before. 46.3 million people, or one in seven, lived in poverty last year. it is highest for african- americans and hispanic. meanwhile, more repossessions are climbing as well. the number of homes that banks are taking back jumped 25% from last year. the banks repossessed more in august than in any month since the mortgage crisis began. >> the leader of the catholic church received a royal welcome today in the united kingdom. tens of thousands of the faithful lined the streets in edinburgh to catch a glimpse of pope benedict xvi.
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it is also symbolically significant because of the starke divide between the officially protestant u.k. and the catholic church. >> [unintelligible] >> behind this historic visit loomed some controversy. today, the pontiff admitted the catholic church had not acted decisively or quickly enough about claims of sex abuse by priests. he said that the top priority is to help abuse victims. and controversy involving michelle obama. the comments appear in a book by carlo bruney. it claims that when mrs. burnie asked mrs. obama this past march how she liked life in the white
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house, she allegedly said it was hell and she cannot stand it. tonight, michelle obama and mrs. bruney denied that conversation ever took place. >> coming in, the latest it on the investigation in this collision with an ambulance. >and a local comic is behind a youtube video that is going viral. >> much cooler temperatures moving in as well as rain around the area.
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>> you are watching is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> tonight, we know more about the moments leading to a deadly crash between an suv and a prince george's county ambulance earlier today. it happened on marlborough heights. this video shows the suv just seconds before impact. it is riding on the wrong side of the road and is going so fast it is only a flash across the screen. all three men in the suv died. everyone in the ambulance
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survive. nominee came and together. gray beach adrian fenty tuesday. there has been some speculation whether michelle read will keep her job. , it is voicing his gripes about the metro, and he is doing it in rap. >> ♪ >> [laughter] this is a metro song. among his list of complaints is broken escalators, lack of self- service, and he talks about rate
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hikes as well. the song was posted on youtube on tuesday and has already been viewed more than 125,000 times. >> oh, really? >> [laughter] >> i am in lexington park, maryland with the incredible story of a 100-year-old postal worker coming to work still, even on his birthday. >> and if you're looking at continuing education, call our phone bank act 703-647-1533. >> and the redskins get ready for their texas two-step. you take one step forward and you do not want to take a step back. and an inter hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right!
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[ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪
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>> there was a special birthday party at the post office in lexington park, maryland today. >> an employee who had been there for 40 years celebrated his 100th birthday. he still works 30 hours a week and does not plan to stop. >> at age 60, when the -- when
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most are looking a retirement, he just started a job at the post office. 40 years later, he's still at it, six days a week. it takes a lot of commitment to show up for work nearly every shift for 40 years. >> it also takes a lot of stamina when your job consists of picking up trash and mopping floors. mr. root wingate says he started working at age 10 ploughing farm fields. he has lived to see both world wars, start to finish, along with 18 presidents. >> i remember when i was a little boy [unintelligible] >> now add 100 years old, his eyesight is still sharp. he drives himself to work. as for health issues, the secret
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to living in long life is not smoking or drinking alcohol and eating plenty of good food. like his fellow postal workers, rain, sleet, or snow, he comes to work. even on his birthday, knowing there would be a celebration in his honor, they say he arrived early to empty out the trash. he is not just motivation for his co-workers. his supervisors say he is inspiration. >> there is no one in his office that would not move mountains for mr. wingate. >> congratulations, mr. wingate. you inspire all of us. especially doug hill. he is getting close to that mark. >> [laughter] >> thanks, i appreciate that. some rain and scattered showers here, heavier showers to the west and north of us. keep a close eye on it.
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33 hundreds of an inch in martinsburg so far. a little over two tenths of an inch of rain in winchester. 15 hundredths in albany. this was after we were in the 80's and 90's. reagan national, 92 degrees today. the 63rd time this year we have hit 90 or better. 67 was the morning low. only a trace of rain so far at the airport. 66 in gaithersburg and frederick. befriend has not passed through frederiksberg yet. it is going to get -- the front has not pass through frederiksberg yet. we will see a cool down overnight.
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then he continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. -- of the heat continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. a tornado warning for a while in queens and staten island and york city this afternoon. violent weather there. there is a second line developing and i'm beginning this will pivot of to beam northeast. -- of to the northeast. high-pressure returns from the west and that will be the mechanism for a lot of sunshine and pleasant weather for the next several days. partly sunny in the morning, 68 in the metro area. 73 midday. 80 in the afternoon. clouds and sunshine. it will not see any rain in the next few days. lower to mid 80's as you head
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through the day on friday. sunshine and 80's on saturday. sunshine and a bit cooler on sunday. right now, the models are suggesting a warm-up for next week. >> an interview by clinton portis, this i gotta see. >> clinton portis was making headlines. he was supposed to have a question answered -- a question and answer interview. instead, they got this. he held up his notepad again and again with "no comment" written on it.
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clinton portis, nothing like him. the skins have to locate no. 23, get to the point of attack and contain an pursue. he is one sharp guy. no. 80 is one of the best receivers in the league and he will get a whole lot of attention sunday. the game plan is simple. sources close to the san diego chargers say the redskins are actively pursuing a wide receiver vincent jackson. why not? he has the most experienced in comes age. with that the nfl says he can play week 5 of this season if he is traded by next wednesday. the redskins are in the hunt. >> the nationals are off today and tomorrow, center fielder
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nigel morgan will begin serving his eighth game suspension. he was fined $15,000 for his part in a brawl with the marlins. nigel morgan will continue to travel with the team during his eight-game suspension. this is thursday, which means it is time for the high school athlete of the week. meet junior golfer, danny mccarthy. >> danny mccarty had a career's worth of golf in just one summer. >> the premier cup and of winston cup in canada, and the u.s. junior semifinalist metal. >> he earned a spot on the ryder cup team. he is headed to scotland later this month. >> i cannot wait. i'm sure it will be an experience i will not forget.
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i did not really know the golf channel was going to be there. it is a privilege to be on tv. it does not happen too often when you are a kid. >> congratulations to denny maccarthy. >> if michael vick plays well, the eagles will not be able to get him out of the lineup and i think bob will be out of a job. -- call it will be out of a job -- cobb will be out of a job. a reminder, you have a little bit of time to call the phone bank. bit of time to call the phone bank. the number is 703-647-
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at&t. >> i have a hunch most of this will stay up to the north and west. the next seven days is shaping up very nicely for outdoor activities. sunshine and warmer temperatures. a bit cooler monday and tuesday, but there is. sunshine in the extended forecast. >> i think she owes you a birthday gift. >> you think? "inside washington" captioned by
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the national captioning institute --www.
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